Frequently Asked Questions About Chemotherapy Treatment in Weirton, WV

Is it safe for family members to have contact with me during chemotherapy?

Yes. Being with loved ones is important.  Eating together and enjoying activates are all safe.

Is it safe for my family to use the same toilet as me?

Yes.  As long as the chemotherapy waste is cleaned from the toilet by wiping the seat with a Lysol or Clorox wipe after each use.

What should I do if I lose control of my bowel or bladder?

Use a disposable, plastic-backed pad or diaper to absorb the urine or stool.  Change immediately and wash skin for at least 15 seconds with soap and water.  If you have any ostomy, handle it as hazardous waste.

What if I use a bedpan, urinal, or commode?  What if I vomit?

You or your caregiver should wear gloves when emptying wastes.  Rinse the container with water after each use and wash it with soap and water at least once daily.

Is it safe to be sexually active during my treatment?

Special precautions need to be taken.  Speak with your physician or nurse.

Is it possible to become pregnant or father a child when receiving chemotherapy?

Yes.  A reliable method of birth control should be used.  Speak with your physician.

How should I store chemotherapy/hazardous medications in the home?

Store in a safe place away from children and pets.  Do not store in the bathroom as the humidity may damage the drugs.  Follow directions if to be kept refrigerated or protected from light.

Is it safe to dispose of chemotherapy/hazardous medications in the trash?

No.  You need to handle it separately.  If you are taking chemotherapy at home, by mouth, injection, or intravenously, you should have a special container to place all waste and equipment.  The company giving you your medications will provide you with a safe container for disposal.  If you do not have a container, then place it in a double bag and return it to your physician or home care nurse for proper disposal.  Do not throw hazardous waste into the garbage.

Can I travel with my chemotherapy/hazardous medications?

Usually, this is not a problem.  You may need special arrangements, so speak with your physician before arranging.

What should I do if I spill some chemotherapy/hazardous medications?

Put on 2 pairs of gloves.  Absorb the spill with a disposable sponge.  Clean the area with soap and water.  Dispose of all materials in the hazardous waste container.

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